Commissario De Luca


   Set in Bologna

In Italian with English subtitles

Against the backdrop of Italy’s political upheaval, Fascism and chaos during the tumultuous post-war period between 1938 and 1948, Detective De Luca does the one thing he knows how to do: be a cop. He investigates and solves crimes in the war-torn city of Bologna and along the Adriatic coast with little or no regard for those in power, whoever they happen to be. His solitary and uncompromising character, his magnetic effect on women, and the fact that he’s simply too skilled and too honest a policeman not to uncover the truth, all conspire to land him in trouble from time to time. Based on the best-selling crime novels by Carlo Lucarelli, Detective De Luca is a portrait of an iconoclastic detective who ultimately solves his cases, though what he uncovers is a reality that’s often disturbing.

4 Episodes

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