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What’s New, September 2017

Commentary, Using Facebook, Original Martin BeckCrime Series Roles for Rolf Lassgård
BBC Four’s Saturday 9PM, Crime Time at SBS On Demand, ROKU vs Apple TV,
Commissario Brunetti and the German TV Series, My Montalbano Experience,
Why Aren’t Italian Shows on Walter Presents?,

  Italy Menu
Italian Series: Il Commissario Montalbano, Commissarion Guido Brunetti, Young Montalbano, Fog and Crimes, Commissario De Luca, 1992, Murders at Bar Lume, Gomorrah, La Piovra, Corleone, Romanzo Criminale, La Omicidi, Donna Detective, Inspector Nardone, Inspector Manara, Inspector Coliandro, Aurelio Zen, Inspector Vivaldi,  A Case of Conscience, Don Matteo, Palermo Connection, Nero Wolfe

Sweden Menu
Swedish Series: Beck, Kurt Wallander, Rolf Lassgard, Krister Henriksson, Kenneth Branagh, Bron, Midnight Sun, Arne Dahl, The Millennium Trilogy, Irene Huss, Blue Eyes, Crimes of Passion, Thicker Than Water, Van Veeteren, Annika Bengtzon, The Fjallbacka Murders100 Code, Maria Wern, The Inspector and the Sea, Johan Falk, Sebastian Bergman, Anno 1790, Jagarna, Innocently Convicted, Those in Power, Inspector Winter, Camilla Lackberg, Hamilton, Kennedy’s Brain, Modus, Lone Wolves and Dragon Tattoos,

Denmark Menu
Danish Series: The Killing, Broen. Follow the Money, Borgen, The Legacy, Norskov, The Spider, 1864, Unit One, Department Q Trilogy, Dicte, Lulu and the Bankrobber, The Eagle, The Protectors, Those Who Kill, The Team

France Menu
French Series:  Spiral, A French Village, The Bureau, Braquo, Witnesses, Maigret, Spin, The Passenger, The Disappearance, Frank Riva, Blood of the Vine, Detectives, Blood on the Docks, Cain, Antigone 34, The Churchmen, Nicholas Le Floch, Kaboul Kitchen, Fabio Montale, Commissaire Adamsberg, Dolmen, Mesrine, Paris, The Tunnel, Agatha Christie Collection, The Mary Higgins Clark Collection , Mafiosa

Norway Menu
Norwegian Series: Varg Veum, The Heavy Water War, Mammon, Unni Lindell, Occupied, Lilyhammer, Modus, Valkyrien, Eyewitness, Good Night, Darling, The Half Brother

Germany Menu
German Series: Deutschland 83, Cenk Batu, Bukow & Konig, In the Face of Crime, Crime Stories, The Weissensee Saga, Line of Separation, Marie’s Mind for Murder, Crime Scene Cleaner

Belgium Menu
Belgian Sereries: Salamander, Public Enemy, Out-Laws

Iceland Menu
Icelandic Series: Trapped, The Lava Field

Spain Menu
Spanish Series: I Know Who You Are, Falcón, Marshland

Finland Menu
Finnish Series: Vares: Private Eye, Look of a Killer, Raid

Israel Menu
Israeli Series: Prisoners of War, Hostages

Netherlands Menu
Dutch Series: Black Widow

Argentina Menu
Argentinian Series: Epitafios

Switzerland Menu
Swiss Series: The Undertaker

Serbia Menu
The Last Panthers

Ireland Menu
Corp + Anam

Brazil Menu

Polish Menu
The Border

Chile Menu

Czech Republic Menu

Austria Menu

Hungary Menu

Croatia Menu

Romania Menu