Set on Corsica, France

In French with English subtitles

Season 1: As Sandra Paolis murdered uncle lies dying in her arms, the young criminal lawyer feels something for the first time: the craving to kill. Appointed by her uncle as successor, she agrees to head up the Corsican Mafia. The position transforms her from a conventional mob lawyer into a fearless matriarch ready to consolidate power and wreak vengeance. The Paoli blood running through her veins guides her as she seduces, surprises, calculates, kills and manipulates. Her new life is one of isolation and loneliness, which she comes to accept as the price of maintaining control and continuing her uncles legacy. Filmed in the south of France and on the island of Corsica, Mafiosa stuns with the beauty of its setting and the brutality of its story.

Season 2: Sandra has been in charge of the Paoli clan since her fathers death but had to watch helplessly as her brother was arrested in the middle of an arms-for-drugs exchange. She decides to fight to regain control of the clan and does everything in her power to get her brother out of prison. But a new and unexpected battle begins between the two. Jean-Michel no longer wants to be in second place and resents being the one sacrificed by his sister. He demands that the business be split in two, which Sandra refuses. Jean-Michel manages to win over a few men to his side and launches the hostilities.

2 Seasons

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