The Legacy



   Set in Denmark

In Danish with English subtitles

From the producers of the Danish blockbusters Borgen and The Killing, The Legacy is a dramatic series about the meaning of family in a time when social patterns have radically changed. The saga plays out at the legendary Grønnegaard Manor, where the internationally-renowned artist Veronika Grønnegaard has lived an eccentric and colorful life since the wild ’60s. She’s the mother of three adult children whose free and chaotic childhood left its mark on them in different ways. They each live separate lives until Veronika dies and they gather to close her estate. What should be an easy process becomes complicated when they discover they have another sibling – a young woman who was adopted out as an infant. Even more stunning is the fact that Veronika left Grønnegaard Manor in her will to this young woman, whom they just met. As the group unravels the secrets and lies they lived with for decades, they’re forced to look at themselves and each other with new perspectives. This modern family portrait explores the dilemma created by an individualistic culture, where limitless options have the potential to threaten cohesion and long-lasting relationships.

3 Seasons

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