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BBC Four’s Saturday, 9 PM Time Slot

For the last few years, BBC Four has been providing excellent international crime, suspense, and political series to residents of the United Kingdom. In addition to being broadcast, they have been available via iPlayer for thirty days after the initial broadcast. I have compiled a list of these series below. Hopefully, there aren’t too many errors or omissions. The list does not includes repeats.

2010 and Earlier

Original Lassgård Wallander Films (Sweden); Henriksson Wallander Series 1 (Sweden); Henriksson Wallander Series 2 (Sweden); Spiral, Series 1 (France); Spiral, Series 2 (France);


The Killing Series 1 (Denmark); Spiral, Series 3 (France); Montalbano Series 1 (Italy); The Killing Series 2 (Denmark)


Borgen Series 1 (Denmark); The Bridge Series 1 (Denmark, Sweden); Sebastian Bergman – Cursed One (Sweden); Mesrine (France); Montalbano Series 2 (Italy); The Killing Series 3 (Denmark)


Borgen Series 2 (Denmark); Spiral Series 4 (France); Arne Dahl Series 1 (Sweden); Young Montalbano Series 1 (Italy); Montalbano Series 3 (Italy); Borgen Series 3 (Denmark)


The Bridge Series 2 (Denmark, Sweden); Salamander (Belgium); Inspector De Luca (Italy); Henriksson Wallander Series 3 (Sweden); Crimes of Passion (Sweden); The Code Series 1 (Sweden)


Spiral Series 5 (France); Hostages Series 1 (Israel); 1864 (Denmark); Cordon (Belgium); Beck Series 5 (Sweden); Arne Dahl Series 2 (Sweden); The Bridge Series 3 (Denmark, Sweden)


Young Montalbano Series 2 (Italy); Trapped (Iceland); Follow the Money Series 1 (Denmark); Hinterland Series 2 (Wales); The Disappearance (France); Beck Series 6 (Sweden); Department Q – The Keeper of Lost Causes (Denmark); The Code Series 2 (Sweden); Deep Water (Australia); Modus Series 1 (Norway)


Follow the Money Series 2 (Denmark); Department Q: The Absent One, Conspiracy of Faith (Denmark); Hinterland Series 3 (Wales); Cardinal (Canada); I Know Who You Are, Series 1 (Spain); Montalbano Series 4 (Italy); Black Lake (Sweden); I Know Who You Are, Series 2 (Spain)