Kaboul Kitchen



   Set in France & Afghanistan ??

In French with English subtitles

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2005. George Bush is President of the United States, Jacques Chirac, President of France, and Jacky, master of his own little domain, “”Kabul Kitchen.”” It’s loud, it’s boozy, it’s free-spirited and it’s the only place where the expats, journalists and miltiary big-wigs can enjoy a swimming pool in the heart of the Afghan Muslim capital. Jacky’s raking in the money with the perfect gig until one single event changes everything. In walks Sophie, someone Jacky hasn’t seen for 20 years. She’s a humanitarian aid worker and she’s… his daughter. To his dismay, she’s also come to stay. They’re polar opposites – she’s all about the people and he’s all about the money. Then things start to get even more complicated: hostage taking, CIA pressure, betrayals, blackmail. Being the ultimate businessman, Jacky keeps his cool, negotiating and finessing his way out of trouble. He’s the cat that always lands on his feet, ready for the next opportunity. The Kabul Kitchen, a haven of peace? Not exactly!

2 Seasons

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