Cenk Batu – Undercover Agent



   Set in Hamburg, Germany

In German with English subtitles

Born in Germany to Turkish parents, Cenk Batu is an undercover agent with the State Bureau of Investigation (LKA) in Hamburg. His ability to analyze people and situations is put to good use as he works on a wide variety of cases ranging from industrial espionage and financial crimes to terror cells and political assassinations. Part of the Tatort series, Germany’s longest-running TV crime franchise. In tonight’s premiere, Cenk Batu has been working for months as part of a risky undercover mission to take down a corrupt contractor. Now, Batu is sent to the hospital with a new assignment: assume the identity of a small-time Turkish criminal in order to make contact with Deniz Nezrem, an aspiring gang leader. 2008.

6 Episodes

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   Episodes 1-6

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Episodes 1-6